1. The player hits the coconut to drop the coconut water inside one of the cartons. One drop equals +1 point.

2. Instead, when the mouse gets a drop of the coconut water. You -1 lives.

3. When there is +30 coconut water, you go to the next level.

There is no winning. You play until you have no lives left.

The technical control of the system could improve. Some kids lose very quickly because the speed of the coconut water is mechanical and hard to control. They need to predict where the coconut water would go, and for beginners, it could be really difficult and they might lose interest in the game.

And also, there could be more varieties to "who" could get the coconut water, instead of just a carton and a mouse. It would be more addictive (in a good way) if there were other bonuses and other possibilities.

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